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The medical consultation for our pets is of vital importance when this presents any sign that evidence that it is suffering an illness or disease, it is through consultation that we can incline to give an answer about what is happening to the patient, a consultation consists of several steps that we can not ignore to give a quick and accurate with the diagnosis, from the data, through the medical history and performing the physical examination is how we give an idea of what needs to be done to help our pet. Under previous appointment we will attend your pet in the most professional and close way possible..

There are many pets that need to be hospitalized to properly treat their problem. Sometimes, this necessary hospitalization is also in conditions of very strict monitoring and constant veterinary supervision, as is the case of patients who leave a complicated major surgery or who suffer a non-surgical disease that endangers their life. For all these situations have our adapted facilities and a team perfectly prepared for the care of his partner


Take care of your best friend is essential. In our shop we offer a wide range of brands and types of feed for dogs and cats. In addition, you can complete your diet with wet dog food and also wet cat food.

Among the brands of feed and wet food available in our store are: Royal Canin o Hill's.

In our store you will also find a world of essential accessories for your pet


Vaccines are only effective if the animal is healthy, properly dewormed and done at the right time, that is, when the defenses are mature.

The timing of vaccination is important, because the maternal antibodies that have crossed the placenta are decreasing after birth, if done early we can interfere with maternal immunity, if we vaccinate too late the animal will be unprotected for some time.

Vaccination consists in the inoculation of a substance, the organism will react in front of it creating defenses.


Did you just adopt a new pet? Come to our veterinary clinic! In the first visit we will do a complete external examination, internal deworming and we will advise you on nutrition, education, hygiene and care that you should give your pet. We will also inform you of the importance of vaccination and the steps to follow to have a totally healthy pet.


Diagnostic Imaging is the specialty that using different technologies allows to observe the interior of the body and reproduce through images the structures and internal organs to look for signs about a disease. It is usually a specialty of support to others, which thanks to its technology facilitates diagnosis.

In our clinic, depending on the symptoms of the patient and the part of the body that must be examined, some techniques or others are used.


Surgery is part of our daily work. Sometimes it is the definitive solution to a specific pathology and at other times it is complemented with a medical treatment that allows our pets to have an optimal quality of life.

Our clinic has the necessary surgical means and highly qualified personnel for a successful surgery.


An avant-garde and effective veterinary diagnostic service is decisively supported in the interpretation of the analysis results.

From our clinic, when we send to the laboratory the veterinary tests performed on our clients (pets), we are evaluating the data objectively and following guidelines that will help us in search of the problem and its best solution.


In Entre Mascotas we attend individually and exclusively to each pet that passes through our facilities, dedicating ourselves to the whole during the approximate hour and a half of your stay with us, trying to make everything as pleasant as possible.

We advise you on the care your dog needs.


The accumulation of tartar occurs right after eating, the bacteria adhere on the tooth surface. These bacteria can be removed by brushing the teeth (at least once a week), chewing or by physical abrasion. The plaque formed by bacteria that is not removed is mineralized into tartar and can only be removed by professional cleaning at the veterinarian.

Professional dental cleaning consists of the removal of tartar, smoothing and polishing the tooth surface and avoiding roughness that favors the appearance of tartar again. In our veterinary clinic we use an ultrasonic device for its elimination, in many cases the extraction of dental pieces is necessary.