Consultations and Hospitalization

The medical consultation for our pets is of vital importance when this presents any sign that evidence that it is suffering an illness or disease, it is through consultation that we can incline to give an answer about what is happening to the patient, a consultation consists of several steps that we can not ignore to give a quick and accurate with the diagnosis, from the data, through the medical history and performing the physical examination is how we give an idea of what needs to be done to help our pet. Under previous appointment we will attend your pet in the most professional and close way possible.


There are many pets that need to be hospitalized to properly treat their problem. Our hospitalization team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some common situations that require hospitalization are:
  • Recovery after any surgical intervention

  • Treatment of wounds or complex injuries

  • Control of postoperative pain

  • Conducting laboratory tests (glucose curves, etc.)

  • Assessment of the evolution of some diseases

  • Administration of some treatments that can not be done at home (fluid therapy, intravenous treatments, oxygen therapy, etc.)

Our hospitalization team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Intensive Care:

Occasionally, hospitalization is necessary under conditions of very strict monitoring and constant veterinary supervision. This is the case of patients who leave complicated major surgery or who suffer a non-surgical disease that endangers their life. In our clinic we have the professionals and equipment necessary to offer the best care to these patients.

Examples of situations requiring intensive care are:
  • Severe neurological problems (uncontrolled seizures, etc.)

  • Severe renal failure

  • Acute pancreatitis

  • Decompensated diabetes

  • Polytraumatisms (run over, serious falls)

  • Ophthalmologic problems that require intensive treatment

  • Post-surgery of complicated major surgeries (torsions of the stomach, removal of some tumors)